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History of shoe making the book

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The History Of Shoe Making Vol.2


The History of Shoe Making is made up of 30 Books broken down into 3 Volumes. Each volume contains a wide range of information pertaining to Shoe Making. There's a wealth of learning presented from simple to complex methods of shoe production. Visit some of the Lost techniques that where forgotten due to mass production. Meet the Masters who pioneered the industry and introduce new sewing and lasting methods. Read the songs and poetry written that taught the process of shoe making as well as guides that present the styles of shoes and how they changed over the years.  

The History Of Shoe Making Vol.2


How to Repair Shoes

Leather Manufacturing

Royal Canadian Rubber Footwear

Royal & Historic Gloves & Shoes

Shoe & Leather Encylopedia

Shoe & Leather Trade of the 100 yrs

Shoe Factory Efficiency

Shoe Making Old & New


Shoemaking Illustrated


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