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PRODUCT ORDERS...  Experience has shown us due to the meticulous nature of making custom products the communication between the manufacture and end user must be precise to ensure that the product is made to the exact specifications .Please leave your details in the Contact Form  the red tab to your right @ the bottom of the screen. A phone number and the best time to contact you to address any concerns we may have about your order.


Email a video explaining the kind of work you would like done to : ANAGHEINC@YAHOO.COM  a price quote will be sent within 8 hrs , with a link to pay pal for payment. After payment , boxes from USPS will be sent to the address you provided so be sure to state or leave your Zip Code in the email .  A Shipping Label will be mailed also to the address you provided to cover postage. ( all quotes include shipping cost). Package your Shoes inside the boxes provided , along with a brief description of the work needed . Apply the shipping label then call us to schedule a PICK UP. Upon receiving your package you will be notified by email and informed on a estimated shipping date . Sneaker Restoration take 7 days from the day we receive your package , Custom Restoration take 3 to 4 weeks from the day we receive your package .

All quotes will be responded to within 8hrs with a secure link for payment. All custom  clothing order shipments will be received with in 10 to 14 business days all others 2 to 7 days and if returning any items it must be done within 4 days of receiving it with a proper return code. There is NO REFUND on custom orders or books etc .

Though we will do ALL that we can to ensure your satisfaction with our products.     

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