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Purchase Includes Videos & Membership Access

Learn how to make custom sneakers and open a business in a billion-dollar industry. This collection of Books & videos from the Anaghe Atelier Design Library will help you achieve that goal. These courses are set up so you can learn and master each process at your own pace. You can log in anytime and watch the Instructional step by step videos. 

The 1st Book & Video set (How to Make Custom Sewn Sneakers) lays out all the processes in detail such as Shoe Last selection, Sole removal, breaking down the upper, covering leather & Pattern Making, the necessary preparation for sewing & Drills to improving sewing skills,
Reconstruction Methods & Re attaching the Sole. 


The 2nd Book & Video set (Customized Foams) Focuses in on making patterns without breaking down the upper of the sneaker using clear plastic as well as outlining all the processes once more. 

The 3rd Book & Video set (Sneaker Restoration Handbook) This one outlines How to Restore old and scuffed sneakers using household products. You will learn how to clean, and prep to perform crease treatments learn how to oxidate soles and remove yellowing. How to paint and detail the leather. 

The 4th Book ( Materials Tools & Supplies) This Book is the glue it details what machinery is useful for beginners. It dives into the leather selection where to buy and how to buy. Tutorials on measuring hides n skins. Tutorials on purchasing Sneaker Last and where to buy. As well as a comprehensive list of Shoe Supply vendors for Tools and shoemaking supplies. 

The 5th Book (History of Shoe Making) This 3 Volume 30 book collection reviews the history of this Art. From the stone ages to now understand in depth the evolution of sneakers. It contains songs from the early 30s that master shoemakers used to teach their apprentices the process.

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